Undelete 2009—Nice Theory, but No Substitute for Backups: FileSlinger™ Backup Reminder 11-28-08

Some weeks ago I was approached by Diskeeper and asked to review two products: Diskeeper 2008 Pro Premier and Undelete Professional 2009. I’ll talk a bit more about Diskeeper and how defragmentation relates to backups in a future Backup Reminder. Today’s subject is Undelete. The first thing Undelete asks you when you install it is whether you have any files that you need to recover right now using … [Read more...]

Who Wants to Review Backup Software? FileSlinger™ Backup Reminder 10-24-08

Yes, I was bad. I missed last week’s Backup Reminder. It’s those pesky clients again. I did want to mention that last week I had the opportunity to visit United Layer’s data center in San Francisco, and was impressed. For most SOHO users, colocation (that means paying someone to store, power, and maintain your computer hardware in a secure location) is overkill. Even the Ur-Guru hasn’t seriously … [Read more...]