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If You Care About Your Data

You’re in the right place. This is the only independent website I know of devoted exclusively to backups for small and home office computer users.  These days, almost everyone has a computer—even my mom. And that means everyone needs to back up, but most people don’t, even though it gets easier all the time.

Backup isn’t sexy, but it’s critically important. Too many people find out just how important when their drive crashes or some other computer catastrophe means they’ve lost something irreplaceable, whether that’s your financial records, a client project you’ve spent six months on and have almost completed, the term paper that’s due tomorrow, or your photos of your child’s first two years.

So thank you for caring enough about your data to visit this website and read the blog. I hope you find something here that helps you figure out how to back up the files that mean the most to you.

Who Is This Site For?

I write the blog mainly for the average SOHO computer user: someone not very geeky who nevertheless depends on a computer to stay in business. The actual readers of the blog also include the people who create backup products and services, plus a few geeks who appreciate having someone write on this topic, and a few of my friends and clients. I’ve heard from people doing research for white papers—and from the occasional Real Geek pointing out some embarrassing mistake I’ve made in describing a technology I don’t quite understand.

Stay Tuned

Because backup and storage technology is constantly evolving, you might want to keep reading even after you find a solution that works for you. Some new gadget is bound to appear and render your previous backup solution obsolete, or at least insufficient. The 2 GB max free online backup service that works fine for your Microsoft Word and Excel documents isn’t going to be able to cope with the videos you shoot with your new Flip camera.

If you want a gentle weekly reminder (in the form of a column arriving in your inbox), sign up for the e-zine. The content is pretty much the same as the blog, though I’m going to be including daily posts of my Delicious bookmarks about backups in the blog, but not in the e-zine. E-mail is still a great tool, but it’s a lot easier to search a blog.

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